1. Chocolate Mud

  2. Cherry Choc Mud

  3. Flourless Chocolate

  4. Caramel Mud

  5. Salted caramel

  6. White Chocolate Mud

  7. Vanilla Bean  Butter Cake

  8. Red Velvet

  9. Blue Velvet

  10. Chocolate swirl

  11. Raspberry swirl

  12. Rainbow swirl

  13. Neopolitan Swirl

  14. Strawberry Swirl

  15. Hummingbird

  16. Carrot  Cake

  17. Coconut Cake

  18. Almond Toffee Cake

  19. Pistachio

  20. Flourless Orange Cake

  21. Orange and poppy seedCake

  22. Banana Cake

  23. Rich Fruit

  1. Vanilla Butter cream

  2. Dark Chocolate

  3. Chocolate Mint

  4. Jaffa/Choc Orange

  5. White Chocolate 

  6. Milk Chocolate

  7. Caramel/Salted Caramel

  8. Strawberry

  9. Raspberry

  10. Mocha

  11. Lemon

  12. Lime

  13. Rose

  14. Lavender

  15. Violet

  16. Cream Cheese Butter cream

  17. Passionfruit

  18. Pineapple

Discover why our clients love our flavours and keep coming back! Try two flavour combinations of cake and filling for free, when you book a design consult or try the full box of six  cupcake size flavour samples and complimenting filling flavours for $25.  Combine your favourites for your own signature taste.

Cake flavours & Fillings That Are Beyond Boring!

  1. Cake flavours

Fabulous Fillings

The Deconstructed Cake Tasting

Our tastings are done mix-and-match, with un-iced cupcakes and fillings on the side.

These can be sent out to you or in our Mosman studio.

This allows you to maximize the possible flavour pairings rather than being limited to a single cake flavor with a single filling.

Our clients really seem to enjoy the experience. It keeps the tastings informal and interactive.The best way to sample your cakes is of course with someone else and a glass of champagne to cleanse the pallet between each flavour. (Glass of milk or glass of water would fine as well.) I would not recommend tea or coffee as this can affect what you actually taste.

1.Cut each cupcake into four.

2.Taste each flavour individually

3.Taste each flavour with filling provided.

4.Email me with your preferences