Discover The Power of The Cupcake!

If there’s a will theres a way and the way to fundraise for your special project is with Cupcakes Our Fundraising Program is designed to help not-for-profit organization raise funds in a way that is simple and easy!

It’s easy, purchase our Standard cupcakes at the special fundraising price of  $3.50 per  cupcake and sell at full price of $4.00 per cupcake and your organization keeps the profits. And the easiest way to do this?

THE CUPCAKE  DRIVE – Putting a new spin on and old school concept…. Instead of lamingtons sell cupcakes! Take orders from  your School , Childcare center, Community /church group, office colleagues or family and friends to support your cause, order forms will be provided to assist you and make the process simple.

THE TAKE ALONG BOX– We’ll give you what you need to Set up a display and sell our signature cupcakes at your School carnivals & functions , Child Care Centre, community organization or office tearoom or reception area.


Complete our contact us Form  and attach a letter of authority from your school or non profit organization. Terms and Conditions apply

Fundraising & Community Involvement

Creating Cakes To Create Awareness

It means a lot to us to be able to make life sweeter  by giving back to the community.

How do we do this?

Contact us through our contact us form or give us a call to discuss your requirements. We can give you a voucher to auction off and a prop for display.