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Chatting to one of the mums at my sons dancing lessons ( he was 2 at the time) she was lamenting the lack of simple children's birthday cakes that not only looked good but tasted great too....  and I had a light bulb moment!

Rewind  12 months earlier ...

In the lead up to my daughters christening  I was faced with a similar dilemma. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe you get what you pay for. What I wanted was a simple  cake with few flowers and butterflies. I just didn’t want an an extravagant finely detailed cake  and i wasn’t going to get a faux cake from one of the franchised cake stores. I wanted it to be fresh and look be aesthetically pleasing for the occassion!

So I fulfilled a long held desire to decorate cakes, (I’d harboured this desire since I was 15),  when I did a workshop to make that christening cake and I  have discovered that I have quite a knack for it! (I think my culinary background helped me a bit too)

I haven’t looked back attending other courses and little workshops here and there and quietly perfecting my craft!

Fast forward to  now... 7+ years later

While I still make simple uncomplicated cakes My business has grown  to include the more extravagant custom designs people have asked for. The unexpected surprise with this unique Boutique Cake business I have created is that as my business grows I’m growing with my clients with each milestone birthday and special event as my clients ( “my extended family”)  keep coming back  to me each year.

You can be confident that  So Sensational Cakes will provide you  with a beautiful, moist  delicious cake  for your event whether it be your engagement, wedding, baby shower, child’s celebration or  special occasion.

I look forward to hearing from you and let me know how we can help you out!

Sunny ♥



Snap Shot

Name: Sunny Saady

Age: I am Perpetually 26!

Birthday: May 6

Star Sign: Taurus

Previous Lives: Chef, Caterer, Early Childhood Professional, Banker, Make up Artist.

In my Own words: I’m a Mother of two, wife and domestic goddess with a flair & love for cooking, cakes, wine and interior design. Beautifying life anyway possible!

It Started with a Chat.....

Me with my little cupcakes circa 2012

The Cake that started it all!