Here at So Sensational Cakes our aim is to not only provide you with wonderful cakes but to also to provide you with the best  customer service experience possible.

To achieve this we believe an important component of this relies on both ourselves and our clients understanding clearly what our service involves and how we operate. Please take the time to read the following terms and conditions.


The Fine Print

Terms and Conditions


2.By using So Sensational Cakes  service, You, The Client agrees to be legally bound and to abide by these Terms and conditions just as if You, The Client has signed this Terms and conditions. So Sensational Cakes  reserves the rights to terminate the service to You, The Client immediately if You, The Client does not comply and/or continue to comply with the Terms and conditions.

3.You, The Client acknowledges and agrees that So Sensational Cakes  will not be held liable to You, The Client or any other person for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages for product liability, personal injury or negligence resulting from use of goods supplied to or on behalf of You, The Client.

4.So Sensational Cakes  reserves the right to change this Terms and conditions without notice. Terms and conditions published in So Sensational Cakes  website will always be the latest and will override any prior Terms and conditions provided in any other form.

5.Food Products and Services

6.Please be aware that So Sensational Cakes  product may/could contain traces of nut. It is the You, The Client responsibility to inform their guests that traces of nuts may/could be present in the cake and/or cupcakes. So Sensational Cakes  will not be held responsible for anyone suffering from nuts allergies.

7.Non edible items may be used as decorations in cakes and/or cupcakes. It is the You, The Client responsibility to ensure that any non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.

8.All effort will be made by So Sensational Cakes  to ensure that the final product is matched to the colour chosen as much as possible however So Sensational Cakes  cannot guarantee to match the exact colour/s and designs chosen.

9.All effort will be made by So Sensational Cakes  to supply the products agreed upon at the time of booking. However So Sensational Cakes  will not be held responsible if the products are not available as a result of, but not limited to, unavailability, seasonal variation or poor quality. So Sensational Cakes  reserves the rights to use its discretion to supply similar or substitute high quality product under such circumstances and will try where possible to agree this alternative product with the client prior to supply.

10.To ensure So Sensational Cakes have enough time to complete your cake on time Please ensure your order is placed 2 weeks prior to a birthday or special occasion 2 months applies for wedding cakes

11.For birthday cakes and special occasion cakes a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of ordering Credit Card details are required at the time of ordering to secure your order. By paying your deposit, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, clearly set out in this document. Balance due 1 week prior to or on the day of collection cash or credit card only.

oFor wedding cakes

12.A minimum of two months’ notice is recommended for wedding cake order due to  design concepts and revisions may take a week or two. However we will endeavour to try and accommodate any last minute orders.

13.You may choose to place a one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) non-refundable deposit to reserve the preferred date if the quote and/or design has not been finalised. This deposit will be counted towards the final quote and is deducted from the final invoice.

14.Sign and return the quote by email to as an indication of quote and design acceptance.

15.Quote is valid for two weeks from the date of issue, unless specifically stated in the quotation. So Sensational reserves the right to re-quote and adjust the price for any quotes after this period.

16.A further 50% of deposits required upon acceptance of the design and quote and payable at the time of ordering. Your Order is not confirmed until this deposit is received. Exceptions may be granted upon So Sensational Cakes discretion.

17.Any changes made to the design and/or quote after acceptance may incur a surcharge.

18.The remaining 50% balance of the invoice is due in full two weeks before the delivery or pickup date. Exceptions may be granted upon “Company discretions.

oLast minute orders

19. Any orders placed less than two weeks to the delivery or pickup date), full payment is required upon ordering

20.Failure in meeting the payment schedule and/or payment reminders may lead to cancellation of the order.

21.Preferred payment method is by Credit Cord . Personal cheques will not be accepted.

22. Direct deposit is not available. Cakes cannot leave the Kitchen prior to payment.

23.Changes to cake sizes, colours & flavours cannot be accommodated once order is confirmed.

24.However Additional quantities of cupcakes, mini- cakes and cake pops can be added with the additional balance of deposit payable at time of amendment.

25.Prices for cakes are for single tier only. 2nd and 3rd tiers are available at additional cost per tier.

26.  Additional tiers can be different flavours.

27. Cupcakes, mini cakes Cookies and cakepops are available by the dozen then ½ dozen there after.

28. Free design consultations are available by appointment in our design studio. Personal in home consultations will attract consultation fee of $50 p/h. The first hour must be paid in advance and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation without a reschedule date. Reschedule date can only occur once and must be within 2 weeks of original date.

29. Tasting Samples –  These are plain unfinished single portions of cake sent out to you and attract $60 fee per sample Box includes cupcakes fillings and delivery These are free during a consultation.


30.Minimum order is 100 cupcakes. So sensational Cakes is committed to supporting the local     community and fundraising.  The program is strictly available to community, charitable or educational causes and is not designed for personal or business profit. A letter of authority must be provided.

oPick up and Delivery

31.So Sensational Cakes will not be held liable for any damages that may occur after the product has been collected or delivered and setup.

32.You, the Client agree to arrange suitable parking arrangements for the successful delivery of your products.

33.When a third-party or contractor is used to deliver and setup the product, So Sensational Cakes will not be held liable for any damages that occur during delivery transport and setup.

34.If the incorrect delivery address is supplied or if there is no-one to receive and no safe place (as judged by us) to leave the ordered products, they will be returned to So Sensational Cakes and you will be contacted to arrange re-delivery. You, the client may incur an additional fee for a re-delivery.

35.So Sensational Cakes will not be held responsible for completing setup at a ceremony or reception venue if the venue is not ready at the pre-agreed time. So Sensational Cakes will use its discretion to leave the products at the venue (if the venue is willing to complete the setup) or to return the products to So Sensational Cakes premises for you the Client to arrange pick up.

36.So Sensational Cakes delivery fee is based on estimated time required to deliver the product to the venue and an onsite ten minute setup. Should the venue cause excessive delays beyond fifteen minute setup time as a result of, but not limited to, venue not ready to accept the cake due to lack of organisation, venue on-site staff unhelpful or venue not setup ; So Sensational cakes  reserves the rights to charge the you, the client an additional twenty dollars ($20) per  fifteen minutes.

37.So Sensational Cakes is unable to give a guaranteed time of delivery but will endeavour to deliver at the agreed time.

38.You the Client agree that late delivery does not constitute a failure of agreement, and does not entitle you, the Client to cancellation or refund of an order.

oCancellation of Order and/or Refunds

39.The following will apply if for any reason you require the cancellation of cake or goods:

oAll requests for cancellation must be made in writing.

oAll deposits are non-refundable.

40.In the events when So Sensational Cakes are unable to supply the order on the agreed date due to unforeseen circumstances (for reasons including, but not limited to, illness, accident, injury, or bereavement), we reserve the right to find substitute companies and/or subcontractors in order to fulfill the order. If So Sensational Cakes is still unable to fulfill the order, we reserve the right to cancel the order and will provide you with a full refund.

oClient’s Obligation

41.To read this terms and conditions thoroughly and carefully. By using So sensational Cakes services, you, the Client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

42.To sign and return the quote and design acceptance by email to

43.To fill the contact information sheet with complete and accurate details. So Sensational cakes will not be held responsible for errors in the product/service which resulted from lack of contact information.

44.To provide the correct and complete delivery address at the time of ordering. Should you, the Client provide the incorrect address, So Sensational cakes  is not obliged to re-deliver the order to the correct address at So Sensational cakes expense.

45.To arrange suitable parking arrangements for the successful delivery of products.

46.To follow the payment schedule as set in the quote. So Sensational Cakes reserves the right to cancel the order for you, the client who fails to follow the payment schedule.

47.To notify and ensure the venue is ready at the pre-agreed time to receive the product delivery.

To provide a strong, stable and level cake presentation table at the venue to hold the weight of the cake

Many thanks  for taking the time to read and understand what I do and how I run things. I look forward to helping you make your celebrations Truly So Sensational!